You like Raptors here, of course.

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You like Raptors here, of course.

Post by Banshee on Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:32 am

And you thought I wasn't a BloSC fan, OHOH, learning makes the world much better. Anyway, moving on to actual point of this thread of the introduction type nature.

Hello I am Banshee, I am crazy and I will stalk you if you join this site. I am dangerously low on my stalking quota. Again straying from point. I have many interests ranging from Art, Music and History. In art I love many different styles from traditional pieces to new artists surging from the bowels of DeviantART.(Yes, DeviantART has good artists hidden in there somewhere.) For Music I can say the genres I lean for are Rock, Techno, Alternative and Opera on occasion.(Musical Bands of Music: Within Temptation, Suicidal Romance, Ozzy, Bon Jovi,Etc) And history is great when its about things that aren't U.S.A based and actually interesting. C:

Though lately I've been on a Hellsing and Transformer kick but BLoSC has settled up with those two, making a trio of awesome. And oh drat, I have blathered on, last word of introduction: Raptors.



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